Where it all started!

Philosophy & genesis

A great project, a founder with courage and a convivial night in which far-reaching decisions were made – these are the ingredients that led to the foundation of Flores Farm…
In 2005, Jochen Wolf visited an organic project on the Indonesian island of Flores rather by chance. The farmers on Flores produced organic cashew nuts of the finest quality, but they lacked sales opportunities. The project was on the verge of failure, the farmers feared for their existence.

Jochen thought about it for one night and decided to buy the goods from the farmers and become an organic trader. And so began the story of Flores Farm.

Our philosophy has never changed: we develop organic projects locally, in a fair and understanding cooperation and with the right amount of consistency that is needed for the work in many regions of this World. This is the only way to create sustainable structures that benefit the producers, us and ultimately our customers.

We are organic believers and build up suppliers who want to grow with us. We are on fire for this and support them with words and deeds, be it by investing in necessary technology, studies on soil improvement in cooperation with universities or simply advice on how to prepare worm compost.
We come from a project development background, which is what sets us apart and will remain so.

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