Projects & Partnerships

Our name Flores Farm has its origin in a cashew project of organic farmers on the Indonesian island of Flores.

Since then, we have continuously worked on various projects. Out of conviction and with partners who share our values and goals. We are all about promoting organic agriculture, opening perspectives for farmers and producing high quality organic raw materials. Technical support, know-how transfer and partnerships with promoters lead to fair prices and greater independence for farmers.

With the help of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation, we have set up three projects with private and public funds. In each case, the goal was to certify smallholder farmland for organic agriculture and establish competitive production:

2012 – 2014: Physalis in Peru

with our co-project partner mymuesli, we launched a public-private partnership project (PPP) in Peru. With our project partner Agroandino, we certified organic land for small farmers and built up a state of the art production faciltity. Today, Agroandino is one of the leading suppliers of dried organic physalis in Peru.


The goal was to train farmers in organic farming and to certify their cultivation areas, as well as to establish a technically mature production for organic coconut sugar. Today, with our partner PMA, we are one of the leading BRC certified production companies and exporters of high quality coconut sugar in Indonesia with over 1,500 small farmers as suppliers. PMA regularly supports new cooperatives in setting up structures and selling their organic coconut sugar.

2019 – 2021: DATES IN PAKISTAN

Another PPP was about processing Pakistani organic dates in a small manufactory. During the project, it then turned out that it was almost more important to teach the farmers know-how on how to improve their sandy soils without fertilizers. With the support of the University of Faisalabad, we trained the farmers to prepare worm compost. As a result, the soil stores more CO2, the plants are strengthened, and yields increase. Since then, this knowledge has been passed on in regular training courses.

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