Where it all started!

Philosophy & genesis

We are a trader for sustainably produced raw materials. Project development is a central component of our company philosophy – and also the reason why Flores Farm exists at all: in 2005, company founders Jochen Wolf and Martin Steckdaub visited a cashew nut project on the Indonesian island of Flores that was on the brink of failure. The farmers there were producing premium-quality cashews, but lacked sales opportunities. Without further ado, the two men bought 60 tonnes of raw nuts and founded Flores Farm GmbH in January 2006 in order to finance the processing and secure distribution for the farmers.
Other projects followed, such as a private partnership physalis project in Peru and a coconut blossom sugar project in Central Java.
But even in those places where we have not (yet) initiated any projects, we trade – above all in the field. This is how we spot local problems but also opportunities in each region and can react accordingly. In doing so, we try to live up to our goals: to offer you sustainably produced raw materials of premium quality and facilitate a better future for the local people.

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